Annual Research Project 2015/16

The R-Word: Communicating research at world-class universities

Excellent universities are defined by excellent research, and one of the main skills of those who direct reputation is to make this research accessible, and as widely read as possible. Our research member project this year will therefore look at how to communicate research to public audiences, so that it is effective, impactful and reflective of the excellence of the institution. Case studies will explore academic flagships, research campaigns, media successes, and how social media has been used to make research go viral. We will also interview Directors of Research and Directors of Communications at global universities to examine how the two different roles communicate research, exploring the issues and different styles each brings to bear in the working relationship. We will also look at better ways to create and measure research impact in terms of the public audiences, and explore possible trends and future issues.

Accessing the research…

We are in the final stages of preparing the reports for this research project. The full findings will be restricted to 2015/16 Research Members with summaries available for Discover members and other top global institutions that contributed to the research.

Discover members can opt to purchase full access as an add-on to their membership, please contact Research Manager, Lisa Bould, at for more information.