Brand Snapshot: 2017/18

Brand Snapshot: Measuring online brand strength in world-class universities


Universities are putting more energy and thought into expressing their brand position as they compete for research funding, top students and world-class academics.  But there is a very weak understanding of brand difference or any formal impact assessment in the higher education sector other than via the rankings. As websites are one of the main ways audiences interact with universities and universities articulate their ‘brand’, The World 100 Reputation Network’s 2017/18 research project will look at brands online.

A top line report will look at the use of straplines, brand propositions, reputational boasts, campaign straplines and other key messages for universities in the network, as well as a selection of other top ranked universities from across the world. Each W100 research member will be invited to select five peers from the research sample for comparison with their own brand presence, giving a detailed look at the six bands in greater depth. As Louise Simpson, Director of the Network says, “How to articulate difference is something universities are all preoccupied with. It’s about working out the strategic priorities but it also requires creative and strong communications. We know both academics and students are more likely to think well of a university that is different, and if branding can convey difference, rather than homogeneity, then it could create fundamental advantage.”

This project is in the development stages and will be available to 2017/18 research members in 2018 for free. Discover members will have access to the summary only, but discover members and non-members will be given the option to purchase this report upon its release.