Discover the World 100 in Amsterdam

The first Discover the World 100 event too place recently in Amsterdam. The event engaged directors from top ranked northern European Universities including 7 of the 11 world ranked Dutch institutions. Delegates heard from Directors of Communications, International and Marketing from UCL, Aarhus University and Lund University on how the World 100 Network enhances capacity to manage issues of reputation, to build international relations and to develop strategy. PG Kroeger, Editor in Chief of ScienceGuide and Yasha Lange, Head of Corporate...

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The Helsinki Challenge: Who made it to the semi-final?

The University of Helsinki recently launched the Helsinki Challenge; a science-based competition which aims to find a collaborative approach to challenges that threaten the welfare state. Teams of creative thinkers from  science, business, political and media spheres are battling for the 375,000 Euro prize by devising ideas that will strengthen the welfare state. Find out who made it to the semi-final here

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