Become a World 100 Member



Membership eligibility


Membership is exclusive to universities ranking among the top 200 in QS, THE, AWRU and US News and World Report Rankings.

To become a member, or if you have questions about membership, please contact our Director, Louise Simpson at


Terms and Conditions of membership

1. Membership is per institution. Each member institution may nominate one  senior member who will represent his/her institution within the Network.

2. Membership is open to any university placed in the World top 200 of the  internationally recognised world rankings (THE, AWRU, QS & US News).

3. Members will nominate research topics and decide upon each year's research project.

4. Members must not pass on World 100 research or information developed  for the network, or for its conferences, to any individual, any company, any  member of the media or any institution outside its own membership university  without prior agreement from the Director of The World 100 Reputation Network.

5. A minimum number of subscribers will be required to allow the annual  research project to go ahead. This year’s minimum is 9 subscribers.

6. The membership year runs from 1 October to 30 September.

7. Member fees must be paid by 1 October or by the date of that year's  annual conference, whichever falls first.

8. Delegates are responsible for their own insurance and healthcare during  W100 events. The World 100 Network is not liable for the health, safety  or welfare of delegates.

9. The World 100 Reputation Network is managed by The Knowledge  Partnership UK Limited, an international higher education consultancy.