W100 Annual Conference 2018: Vancouver, Canada

World 100 in Vancouver, Canada

We are delighted to announce that this year's World 100 Annual Conference will take place at The University of British Columbia, Canada, 26 - 28 September 2018. Karen Carriero (Kcee), Associate Vice-President, Communications at UBC will be our host.


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NB that the conference falls into the next W100 Membership Year ie 2018/2019.



Differentiation and the World-Class University

Universities operate in an increasingly competitive global environment, where it is no longer sufficient to describe themselves as simply 'world-class', and 'delivering research to address global problems’. The 2018 World 100 Conference at UBC will explore Differentiation around a series of themes:

Different thinking: Knowing and deciding what makes you different.

Different image: How are universities projecting differentiated brands built on their own particular strengths? 

Different ways to work: How to work in alternative ways with partners including global universities, local communities and industry; 

Different character: Developing focuses for research and engagement work which reflect the local culture and environment in which universities operate.


This year's conference will be an exciting one, as this time, we will have two study tours for you to pick from. Preceding the conference, from the 24 - 25, we will be hosted by the University of Washington, Seattle. Following the conference end on Friday, and a weekend of free time, we will be at the University of Calgary for 1 - 2 October. 




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