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Recent News from City University of Hong Kong

Key facts about City University of Hong Kong

Network member since 2013

CityU has recently completed an ambitious development project, adding three iconic buildings and 60% new space to campus

International students account for 20% of the total student population

CityU has a dedicated team of 3000 faculty

Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre Building was Selected as one of the 10 most spectacular university buildings in the world in 2014, this iconic piece of architecture was designed by the renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, who was appointed as the master plan architect of the new World Trade Centre in New York

City University of Hong Kong's Mission & Vision

To nurture and develop the talents of students and to create applicable knowledge in order to support social and economic advancement.

City University of Hong Kong aspires to become a leading global university, excelling in research and professional education.

About City University of Hong Kong

City University of Hong Kong (CityU) is committed to nurturing and developing the talents of students and creating applicable knowledge in order to support social and economic development. With an emphasis on professional education and research, CityU produces graduates with the ability to anticipate and precipitate change in a rapidly evolving, globalised world. We are a rapidly growing institution with 20,000 students and more than 3,000 faculty and staff in the liberal arts and social sciences, science and engineering, business management, energy and the environment, law, creative media and veterinary medicine. The University introduced a unique Discovery-enriched Curriculum in 2012, giving all the students the opportunity to make an original discovery while at CityU.


International Partnerships

CityU has more than 300 partner institutions around the world, with about 140 from Europe, 70 from North America, close to 100 from mainland China and other Asian countries. CityU has partnerships some of the most renowned institutions in the world, including Michigan State University, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Dundee, Tsinghua University, National University of Singapore, and Monash University, among others.


Notable Research Areas

CityU promotes the integration of teaching and research in higher education, and the success is evident. The University has gained global recognition in a board range of subject areas, not only the traditionally strong disciplines such as engineering.

  • According to the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Rankings in 2014, CityU is ranked 24th in the world and 3rd in Greater China in engineering, technology and computer science.
  • According to the QS subject rankings 2014, CityU is ranked 24th in Linguistics; in the top 50 in Communications & Media Studies, Civil & Structural Engineering, Politics, and Mathematics; the top 100 in Accounting & Finance, Computer Science & Information Systems, Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Law & Legal Studies, Modern Languages, Statistics & Operational Research.
  • CityU is ranked 21st in the world and has been ranked 1st in Hong Kong for the seventh consecutive year for engineering research papers, according to the 2014 Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities.
  • CityU is ranked 46th in the world and 2nd in the Asia Pacific region according to the UTD Top 100 Business School Rankings by the University of Texas at Dallas.